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Flashnotes for Educators

Benefits to Educators

Going to class and using Flashnotes work hand-in-hand. When students study materials produced by others enrolled in their same courses, they learn collaboratively and help to strengthen each others’ understanding of their course subjects. When your students use Flashnotes to help each other study, they don’t hand each other answers - they teach each other study skills. Your C students learn what your A students think is important and how they study; based on past studies, these average student will see their grades improve by an average of 10%.

Our Standards

Our goal at Flashnotes is to enable students to help each other learn more effectively. We want note takers to upload and sell their original, self-created, high-quality work - not only because it can earn our note takers extra income, but because original material helps their peers learn best.

Legally, each student has a right to the materials that they create within the classroom and the knowledge that they gain in the course of a semester; they can do whatever they want with their intellectual property. We encourage students to help each other study better, achieve more and become more successful people - ethically, honestly, and fairly.

We encourage students to Do No Evil: what’s theirs is theirs, and what isn’t, isn’t. We pride ourselves in maintaining high standards for the materials hosted on our site, and we vehemently oppose any form of plagiarism or copyright infringement among our users and remove any prohibited materials that we see. We continue to embrace new ways to guard against plagiarism and to support original content.

Let’s work together

We have a lot in common. We love education and seek to find new, innovative ways to help students learn - and so do you. Flashnotes empower students to achieve higher test scores and earn better grades in class.

But our job doesn’t end there. At Flashnotes, we believe that high-achieving students should be high-achieving people - excelling not just in the classroom, but beyond it as well. We empower them to become entrepreneurs by working hard to build a following and realize gains when other students look to them as a valuable resource. Our lightbulb moments happen when we discover a new method to help a student achieve.

We’d love to learn more about you and hear your ideas about how to help students gain the necessary skills to succeed not just within the classroom, but beyond it.